Food & Brews

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Start Me Up

Stairway to Charcuterie & Cheese
artisanal selection with all the fixins. choose from all meat, all cheese, OR half and half 15

Sympathy for the Devil-ed Eggs
prosciutto, olive relish, basil, boursin 8

Earth, Wings, and Fire
brined & smoked chicken wings, three dipping sauces (house bbq sauce, cholula butter, & Point Reyes blue cheese) 10

Hotel Calamari
spicy tomato sugo, cherry pepper & herb aioli, pickled fennel 11

Is This Love or Fonduta
three cheese dip, braised Tuscan kale, wild mushrooms & pine nuts, grilled baguette 10

Tito Puerco Nachos
tomatillo braised pork, local tortillas, cotija, black beans, mexican crema, cilantro 12

Runnin’ with the Devils (on Horseback)
local dates stuffed with almonds & idiazabal, wrapped in Spanish ham, romesco sauce 10

Shrimp n’ Grits
crispy rock shrimp, Carolina grits, tasso ham, scallion salad, smoked tomato aioli 13

Next Level Poutine
thick cut fries covered in brown gravy, fresh cheese curds, sunny up egg, applewood bacon & caramelized onions 12

Fleetwood Mac (& Cheese) 14
choose a style:
shorty - braised short ribs with peas, fontina cheese & mushrooms
creole - tasso ham, smoked chicken, roasted peppers & pepper jack

Harvest Moon

Midnight Rider Chopped Salad
Tuscan kale & yellow endive with smoked chicken, almonds, local dates, apples & fontina, cider vinaigrette 13

Livin’ on the Wedge
little gem lettuce with applewood bacon, pickled shallots, avocado & Point Reyes blue cheese 10

Crazy on You Caesar
hearts of romaine with garlic & herb focaccia croutons, pecorino, and white anchovies 9

Add some protein
grilled or blackened chicken breast 4
grilled tuna 6
poached shrimp 6

The Southern Cross
baby spinach salad with cranberries, salt roasted pears, candied pecans & goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette 12

Down By The Seaside

Born to be Wild Salmon Poke
pineapple ponzu, ginger, crispy wonton, cilantro, scallions 14

Love Me Two Times
sushi-grade tuna & blue crab duo, avocado, hearts of palm, jalapenos, shiso, & yuzu vinaigrette 16

Jumpin’ Jack Prawns
peel & eat prawns complete with chavela sauce, cucumbers, jicama & tajin 15

Blue Oyster Cult 16
Pick a 6 pack:
raw - ipa cocktail sauce, apple mignonette
baked - creamed swiss chard, gruyere, herbed breadcrumbs

Crosstown Crab Cakes
blue crab, ritz crackers, celery hearts, citrus aioli, pickled fennel 13

London Calling
fish n’ chips, fresh cod, kolsch batter, malt vinegar aioli, steak fries, lemon & dill relish 14

A Shellfish Shade of Pale
manila clams, mussels, and shrimp steamed in pale ale 22

Bread Zeppelins

Sandwich selections served with salt and pepper shoestring fries

Blitzkrieg Beef
roasted & shaved prime beef with charred peppers & onions, pickled cherry peppers, aged provolone sauce 15

Hot Tuna Sammy
grilled yellowfin tuna with togarashi, wakame salad, blistered shishitos, white miso aioli 15

Honky Tonk Sliders
duo of wagyu beef patties
pick your cheese & topper for each: Point Reyes blue, tillamook cheddar or swiss, apple wood bacon, avocado, mushrooms or sweet onions 12

Culture Club
brined & roasted turkey with apple wood bacon, heirloom tomato, swiss & herb-dijon aioli 12

Frank Zappa
big city red’s hot dog with dijon mustard, grilled onions & house pickle relish 10

Feels Like the First Time Cheeseburger
8oz. wagyu beef with cheddar OR swiss, grilled onions, heirloom tomato & house pickles 15
bacon 2
avocado 2

Carnitas Mayfield Tacos
trio of crispy braised pork, local tortillas, avocado, grilled nopales salsa, two cheeses 14

The Notorious BLT-A Flatbread
smoky tomato base with bacon lardon, fresh tomato, avocado, jack cheese, mini sourdough croutons 15

The Grateful Flat Bread
arugula & walnut pesto, mushrooms, broccoli, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella & pecorino 14

Meat Head Flatbread
house sausage, wagyu beef, spicy salami, roasted onions, olives, provolone & san marzano sugo 16

Exile On Main Street

Tupelo Honey Chicken
roasted half chicken with sweet potatoes, bitter greens, rye whiskey & honey glaze, caraway jus  20

Grilled Salmon Dave
wild salmon with arugula & walnut pesto, Israeli couscous, oven dried tomatoes, capers & roasted broccoli  24

The Mamas & The Pappardelle
fresh spinach pasta with our Italian sausage, manila clams, peas & roasted fennel cream  20

Doin’ it All for My Babybacks
full pound of pork ribs, brown sugar & spice rub, house bbq, cheesy & creamy grits, low country slaw  20

Bone Diddley
18 oz bone-in ribeye, bone marrow butter, smashed fingerling potatoes, broccolini & house steak sauce  36

Carolina in My Mind
braised beef short ribs with sour cream mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, tobacco onions, burgundy sauce  28

Don't You Forget About Me

Electric Light Asparagus
oven-roasted asparagus with wild mushrooms, soft poached egg, idiazabal & sherry gremolata  9

Creedence Cauliflower Revival
roasted cauliflower & broccoli, green curry aioli, golden raisins, heirloom apples, fennel  8

Glass Onion
homemade buttermilk battered sweet onion rings, horseradish & dill aioli  8

My Sweet Potato
roasted & mashed yams with brown butter, orange & local date marmalade, graham crackers, toasted marshmallows  8

Tater’d Love
crispy loaded mashed potato, parmesan crust, bacon, pepperjack, sour cream & caraway sauce, malt aioli  9

Whole Lotta Spuds  6
french fries with style:
skinny cut - tajin & aji panca ketchup
thick cut - pecorino, herbs & garlic ketchup

On The Rocks Happy Hour & Drink Menu

$10 Drink Menu

Heat of the Moment
Hornitos tequila, cucumber, jalapeno, lime, and agave

Summer Breeze
Hendrick's gin, lime juice, cucumber, and basil

Back in the U.S.S.R
Stoli vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer

Old Fashioned Love Song
Maker's Mark 46, sugar, bitters, orange, and cherries

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'
Jim Bean Honey, maple syrup, lemonade, and apple juice

November Rain
Dark Cruzan Rum, lime, and ginger beer

Apple of My Eye
Crown Royal, DeKuyper Apple Pucker, and cranberry juice

Hello, I Love You
Pinnacle gin, lime juice, orange, and pineapple juice

Big Pimmin
Pimm's No. 1, ginger beer, and cucumber

What's The Story, Morning Glory?

6:30AM to 11:00AM

Hot For Baker
freshly baked muffins, scones, danish  7

Purple Haze
melons, berries, house granola, Greek yogurt  9

Americana Trio
three eggs your way, choice of protein, potato hash, choice of toast  14

Wrap Me Up
breakfast burrito of scrambled egg, two cheeses, roasted peppers, bacon or not, salsa verde  10

Mississippi Queen
two fried eggs, ham, two cheeses, smoked tomato aioli, potato bun  10

Last Tango in Paris
brioche French toast, raspberry syrup, chocolate sauce, whipped butter  11

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Double Fudge Jackson Brownie
served with chocolate decadence ice cream,candied pecans & marshmallows  8

Sly & the Family Split
fresh bananas with a trio of ice creams, brandied cherries & all the toppings  8

Chuck Berry Cobbler
mixed seasonal berries, pistachio & oatmeal streusel, sour cream/blueberry ice cream  8