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    Welcome to the Big Rock Experience!

    Our desire is to give you more than a great meal, but a “Big Rock Experience” that will hang in your memory hall of fame for years to come. Every dish on our menu has been hand-crafted and designed by our Chef to reflect the same kind of artistry that went into the timeless music you see honored on our walls. If you would prefer to modify any of our menu items, by all means, feel free to communicate that to your server. However, bear in mind that the original concept will be compromised. It would be a bit like asking Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, “Could you change that guitar riff,” or Aretha Franklin, “Could you turn it down a bit?” Dishes may be thrown, tears may be shed, but we WILL do our best to accommodate. Our primary goal? Your happiness and speedy return to our venue. After all, at Big Rock Pub, YOU are the rock star.

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    Finger Lickin’ Good

    Charcuterie & Cheese
    artisanal selection of cured meats & cheeses, lahvosh, and all the fixin’s   15

    homemade soft pretzel sticks, aged gouda & hefeweizen dipping sauce   8

    Sympathy for the Devil-ed Eggs
    shaved prosciutto, olive relish, basil, and boursin   10

    Glass Onion
    homemade buttermilk battered sweet onion rings, horseradish & dill aioli   8

    Kyoto Song
    charred edamame, togarashi, fresh ginger salt, miso & wasabi aioli   8

    Whole Lotta Spuds
    french fries with style; choose from Skinny Cut tossed in tajin with aji panca ketchup or Thick Cut rolled in pecorino & herbs with garlic ketchup   6  

    We Got Legs
    brined & smoked chicken drumsticks served with 3 sauces; house bbq, cholula butter & point reyes blue cheese   11

    Start Me Up

    Waltz Across Texas
    house smoked angus beef & bean chili smothered russet and sweet potato fries, two cheeses, onions, poblanos   12

    Hotel Calamari
    crispy calamari, spicy tomato sugo, cherry pepper & herb aioli, pickled fennel   11

    Rock the Casbah
    harissa braised lamb, house falafels, mint yogurt, local dates   13    vegetarian   9

    Papas Got a Brand New Bag
    crispy smoked fingerling potatoes, aged gouda, bacon chunks, caraway cream, malt vinegar, chives   10

    Is This Love or Fonduta
    three cheese dip with fresh blue crab, tuscan kale, roasted garlic & oven dried tomatoes, with grilled baguette   13    vegetarian  9

    Tito Puerco Nachos
    tomatillo braised pork, crispy local tortillas, cotija, black beans, pickled fresnos, mexican crema, epazote   12    vegetarian  9 

    Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
    pick a flava; the Cubano with braised pork belly, ham, mustard, swiss and pickles or the Americana with roasted beef tenderloin, spinach, and aged cheddar   12

    Mexican Radio
    tortilla soup, smoked chicken, cotija, lime   8


    Harvest Moon - (Salads)

    Beets, Rhymes, and Life
    roasted beets with frisee, candied walnuts, salt-roasted pear, pomegranate vinaigrette & shaved goat cheese   11

    Hail Caesar
    hearts of romaine with garlic & herb focaccia croutons, pecorino and white anchovy   9     add some protein -  grilled or blackened chicken breast  5   grilled tuna or salmon  6   poached shrimp  6

    Livin’ on the Wedge
    little gem lettuce, bacon lardon, pickled shallots, avocado mousse and point reyes blue cheese   10


    Down By The Seaside

    Born to be Wild Salmon Poke
    raw wild salmon tossed in pineapple ponzu, scallions, sea beans, jicama, crispy wontons and cilantro   14

    Love Me Two Times
    sushi grade raw tuna & blue crab duo, avocado mousse, palm hearts, jalapeno aioli, shiso and yuzu vinaigrette   16  

    Blue Oyster Cult
    pick a 6-pack; Raw with IPA cocktail sauce & classic mignonette or Baked with creamed swiss chard, gruyere, herbed breadcrumbs   16

    Jumpin’ Jack Prawns
    peel & eat chavela poached tiger shrimp with cucumbers, jicama, & radish tossed in tajin   15

    London Calling
    our fish n’ chips of fresh cod in beer batter, malt vinegar aioli, dill relish and thick fries   14

    Shellfish Samba Pa Ti
    PEI mussels & manila clams steamed in beer with chorizo, garlic and epazote with grilled baguette & cilantro-citrus remoulade   22    


    Bread Zeppelins - Sandwich Selections

    all served with skinny fries

    Dixie Chick’en Sandwich
    crispy brined chicken breast, shaved lettuce, pickle aioli and pickled jalapenos on a pretzel bun   14

    Hot Tuna Sammy
    grilled rare yellowfin tuna with togarashi, wakame salad, blistered shishitos and white miso aioli   16

    Rock Lobster!
    butter poached maine lobster, brioche bun, roasted corn & tarragon relish   17

    Social Turkey Club
    brined & roasted turkey breast with applewood bacon, heirloom tomato, swiss & herb-dijon aioli   13

    Honky Tonk Sliders
    duo of wagyu beef patties, pick your cheese – point reyes blue, tillamook cheddar or swiss, then your topper – bacon, avocado or sweet onions   13

    Feels Like the First Time Cheeseburger
    8oz of wagyu beef with cheddar or swiss, grilled onions, heirloom tomato & pickles   15   add – bacon, avocado or egg  2

    Rascal Flatbreads

    The Notorious BLT…A
    smoky tomato base, bacon, monterey jack, topped with fresh tomato, avocado & mini sourdough croutons   15

    Smooth Operator
    taleggio fonduta, brined & smoked chicken, wild mushrooms, roasted broccoli, pickled shallots   15

    Caribbean Queen
    rock shrimp, cilantro & pepita pesto, roasted chile sofrito, panela, pepita salad   16

    The Meat Head
    house sausage, wagyu beef, spicy salami, grilled onions, olives, provolone & san marzano tomato sugo   16

    Exile On Main Street

    November Range
    organic turkey loaf, mashed yams, collard greens, apple & date compote, giblet gravy   18

    Tupelo Honey Chicken
    brined, rubbed & roasted half chicken with black eyed peas, tasso ham, blue lake beans, caraway jus, whiskey glaze   21

    Grilled Salmon Dave
    wild salmon with arugula & walnut pesto, israeli cous cous, oven dried tomatoes, capers, roasted broccoli   25

    The Mamas & The Pappardelle
    fresh spinach pasta with our italian sausage, manila clams, peas & roasted fennel cream    20

    Bone Diddleys 
    bone-in steak seared in cast iron, bone marrow butter, fingerling potatoes, broccolini & house steak sauce, 18oz Ribeye / 22oz T-bone   40

    Head Bangers & Mash
    cumberland style sausage, sour cream mashed potato, crispy onions, gravy    20

    Pour Some Sugar On Me

    Double Fudge Jackson Brownie
    served with chocolate decadence ice cream, candied pecans & marshmallows   9

    Sly & the Family Split
    fresh bananas with a trio of ice creams, brandied cherries & all the toppings   8

    Chuck Berry Cobbler
    blend of seasonal berries, pistachio & oatmeal streusel, sour cream/blueberry ice cream   8

    Sweet Soul Sister
    bread pudding of local apple fritter and glazed donuts, triple rum caramel sauce, anglaise   8

    New York State of Mind
    east coast style cheesecake, strawberry sauce   9




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